USA Tea of the Month – June

This month’s USA Tea of the Month contained:

  • Two Tigers (black tea from The Devotea Core Collection) This month we are celebrating this tea’s retirement. Strong Indian black tea and strong Chinese black tea. Smashed headlong together. A full bodied mix that is great for when you need a boost.
  • TT5-e1373908596194-500x458
  • Mango Black (limited edition blend) A lovely yunnan punched up with mango flavors.
  • Mango
  • Blueberry Infusion (tisane from The Devotea USA) I found this tea and enjoyed it, and since everyone was asking for a lovely herbal tisane I decided to share this batch.
    This all-fruit infusion of dried blueberries, apples, raisins, and black currants contains no caffeine because there are no tea leaves in it. The longer you brew it, the richer it gets. Pours like wine.
  • Blueberry.1-500x476
  • Darjeeling Arya Ruby (black tea from Lochan Tea) Premium 2nd flush 2013 from the Arya estate in Darjeeling.
  • ARYA RUBY IMG_5447-autoxauto

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The Devotea Australia – No Product Shipping June 15th-July 31st

There’s some really exciting things afoot here at The Devotea.

As in other parts of life, it takes time to get stuff done, and by now we thought we’d be announcing some big international news for our brand. Various bits of red tape have meant this is not so. Stay tuned!

We need to put our entire Australian team onto bringing these exciting new developments to fruition. This means that all of us will be travelling about extensively during the next few months.

Regretfully, this means we will not have the staff to operate our usual on-line store from June 15th, 2014 to July 31st, 2014. Orders taken during that time will be shipped August 1st.

So, if you are short of good tea, ordering now is a wise move!

Find your Devotea fix in 3 places in Virginia!

You can now find quality loose leaf teas from The Devotea USA at the following locations in Virginia:

Cambria Emporium (New!)

Lovely antique store co-op! Come check it out, teacup bird feeders, my teas, pretty tea pots and tea cups alongside lovely antique furniture and jewelry.

  • address: 596 Cambria Street NE, Christiansburg Virginia
  • phone: 540.381.0949
  • website:
  • Facebook
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

The Artful Lawyer Gallery Store

A shop showing off the artists in the area – tea, paintings, purses, jewelry, books, and so much more. Great gifts for any occasion.

The Tea Room

Delicious food, lovely tea, and a very kind staff. Stop in for a bite to eat with a lovely cup of tea. You can also ask if their bed and breakfast has opened yet!

USA Tea of the Month – May

Spring is here, flowers are blooming. It’s a lovely month for mother’s day.
Happy Mother’s day to all my mother subscribers!

This month’s USA Tea of the Month contained:

  • Champagne & Berries (green tea from Teas Etc)
    A mixture of berries,Acia, Goji, and Strawberry, come together with a sencha green tea in a deliciously bold blend. It finishes off with a pop of natural champagne flavor.Ingredients: organic green tea, organic goji berry pieces, natural flavor, organic strawberry pieces, organic acia berry powder
  • Champagne-and-Berries-Organic-Green-Tea-500
  • Mokabari East Assam (black tea from Lochan Teas)
    A rich 2nd flush Assam black tea you will want to drink everyday.Rich and full flavored, this is a tea that is great whether you like milk, sugar, or your tea without any additives. Robust enough to be a morning heartstarter, classy enough to suit an elegant afternoon tea.
  • White Tea Concoctions Liquorice (The Devotea USA core collection)
    This month we are celebrating this tea’s retirement. This is a simple blend of genuine liquorice root with fine white teas. Do not fear, this is not an artificial liquorice like in candies, it is a savory flavor that we have mellowed out with some soft vegetal tones If you want that “liquorice allsort” taste just add plenty of sugar.
  • Spearmint Tisane (The Devotea USA)
    If you prefer a softer mint tea than cool peppermint this naturally caffeine free spearmint is for you. This refreshing herb has a rounded, slightly smoother taste than peppermint, with warming and cooling notes.

Tea with spearmint

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Make your own delicious chai-tini!

  • 1 part chai vodka
    • Soak chai tea in vodka for a week or more then strain. I suggest Aussie Ginger Chai (AU or US) or Star Spangled Chai (US only)
  • 1 part ginger spirit
  • 3 parts chai concentrate

Rim the glass with a mix of cracked pepper, sugar and powdered ginger before serving


I have modified Lady Devotea’s scone recipe a touch and am planning to have them as snacks this Friday at The Artful Place Gallery Store for First Friday in Blacksburg, VA

Australian (light, fluffy) Scones

  • .75c self rising flour
  • .25c heavy whipping cream
  • .25c soda water
  • 2 tablespoon Torani flavored syrup
  • Dash salt
  • optional: dried fruit

Let sit 5 minutes.

Spoon into silicone muffin tins or onto parchment paper.

Cook at 350F for 12-15 minutes

Maintenance Outage Planned

The guys that host our site are having a major upgrade, conveniently from Midnight for 6 hours on Thursday. This is inconveniently from 3.30pm until 9.30 pm on Thursday (30/1/14) if you are located in Adelaide as our head office is, 1-9 in Perth, 3-9 in Sydney and Melbourne and Tasmania and Queensland just confuse us in the summer. The rest of the world, just make a cuppa and work it out.
The result is that the site might play up a bit or be intermittently down for those few hours, The long term result should be up to a 50% speed increase!