Maintenance Outage Planned

The guys that host our site are having a major upgrade, conveniently from Midnight for 6 hours on Thursday. This is inconveniently from 3.30pm until 9.30 pm on Thursday (30/1/14) if you are located in Adelaide as our head office is, 1-9 in Perth, 3-9 in Sydney and Melbourne and Tasmania and Queensland just confuse us in the summer. The rest of the world, just make a cuppa and work it out.
The result is that the site might play up a bit or be intermittently down for those few hours, The long term result should be up to a 50% speed increase!

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Robert Godden

Certified Tea Nutter. Blender. Author of "The Infusiast" and Tea "Stories"

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    I hope this went well! I bet the extra speed boost will be worth it.

    In the past when I’ve had brief outages (even once a longer one of about a day when a server hard drive died) it hasn’t affected our traffic much. And I definitely think a website’s speed impacts how I view it (and whether or not I’m likely to go back–especially if I’m shopping around at different retailers and haven’t made my mind up yet).


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