TEA STORY: It’s tea. It’s fiction. It’s arrived.

Robert has just released a book of tea fiction on Amazon Kindle.

It will be free from 24/12/13 for 5 days. Think of it as a hugely egocentric Xmas gift for the whole world. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HGXKZKY

(That link is to the US Amazon, but it’s available on all of them.

After that, it’s a rather cheap $2.99 USD

It is a collection, Some of the stories have appeared in Lord Devotea’s Tea Spouts, one is from The Infusiast and about half have never been published.

We’d love to hear some comments and see some comments on Amazon!

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Robert Godden

Certified Tea Nutter. Blender. Author of "The Infusiast" and Tea "Stories"

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