The Devotea Australia – No Product Shipping June 15th-July 31st

There’s some really exciting things afoot here at The Devotea.

As in other parts of life, it takes time to get stuff done, and by now we thought we’d be announcing some big international news for our brand. Various bits of red tape have meant this is not so. Stay tuned!

We need to put our entire Australian team onto bringing these exciting new developments to fruition. This means that all of us will be travelling about extensively during the next few months.

Regretfully, this means we will not have the staff to operate our usual on-line store from June 15th, 2014 to July 31st, 2014. Orders taken during that time will be shipped August 1st.

So, if you are short of good tea, ordering now is a wise move!

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Robert Godden

Certified Tea Nutter. Blender. Author of "The Infusiast" and Tea "Stories"
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    Good luck with your endeavours.

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